Salvage - Maritime Rescue


HELIPRO FIJI pilots and loadmasters have the commercial expertise and international experience needed for precision lifting, salvage, crew transfers, medivac , Search & Rescue and aerial fire fighting.

To ensure that the missions is carried out with minimal delays, our Nausori Airport hangar has maintenance engineers at the ready to ensure that scheduled & unscheduled maintenance is carried out efficiently with minimal delays to the operation. 

With a 2,000L fuel tanker and portable fuel bladder systems for on site refueling requirements, HELIPRO FIJI is capable of a non stop salvage operation ensuring maximum efficiency.

Response time

HELIPRO FIJI  has the AW 109 helicopter and crew at the ready for all emergency situations.

Our helicopter is fuelled and operational ready to deploy at short notice (within 20 minutes when on standby)

With a depth of skilled pilots, HELIPRO`s pilot rotation ensure that 7 day operations are able to be carried out on short notice.

Search Patterns

HELIPRO FIJI  pilots are trained in SARSOP search patterns and can assist with efficient planning of wide search areas..

           Click on the picture for full news item                                  HELIPRO Fiji & Fiji Navy Specialist  divers rescue 9 seamen 3rd july 2013

Hover Exit & Entry

For salvage operations, the onboard salvage crew will also need to be trained in hover entry and exits to ensure that safety and the success of the salvage operation is not compromised.

HELIPRO is a certified trainer and has already conducted similar training with the Fijian Navy.

HELIPRO's full compliment of lifting role equipment:

  • Long lines from 30ft to 200ft
  • Bambi Fire buckets (up to 1000 litres)
  • Cargo nets
  • Scoop net
  • Grapples
  • Strops
  • Helmets & safety equipment
  • Voice activated ground to air communications

Storage Facilities 

HELIPRO is able to provide container storage facilities at its bases strategically located around the Fiji islands. Our hangar sites and offices have 24 hour on site security, you are assured that valuable equipment will be safe and secure.