Medical Escort Services

Medical Escorts on Scheduled Commercial Flights

Helipro Fiji's medical team can provide a wide range of Medical Escort Repatriation Services that is an alternative to our private air ambulance service when your loved one becomes ill or is injured in the Fiji Islands.

For less serious cases this service can provide a tremendous cost saving over a dedicated air ambulance medevac jet.

The service include all ambulance transport, airport check-in requirements, travel arrangements including international documentation, Embassy or High Commission clearances,  air-side transfers, medical documentation,  clearances, patient transport in the country of destination and medical handover. 

However, it must be stressed that this service provides a reduced level of medical care for the patient and will only be considered for non-serious cases or with medical (and client) approvals.

Our Medical Escort will accompany the patient in the scheduled seats provided for normal passengers or we can make arrangements to set-up a commercial jet stretcher. The assistance and medical care provided can be basic or high level (as required) ensure the comfort and the best possible patient outcome. This service is certainly not for seriously ill or critical patients.





Experienced Medical Staff

Our medical escort personnel consists of doctors, nurses and paramedics all Aero Medically trained to accompany the patient every step of the way. Helipro Fiji Medical staff are trained not only to assist and monitor our patients, but to assist in medications for care in pain relief, anxiety and stress associated with medevac repatriation.

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