Twin Engine Helicopters




Without a doubt, your  HELIPRO FIJI  experience will prove to be an exciting adventure where you will discover the hidden treasures that only a nation with over 330 magnificent islands can provide.

Derserted Tropical Islands  



From visiting exotic locations that only a handful of people have ever seen, to just being able to get to your destination in timely manner, HELIPRO individually customises your travel to ensure that your experience is one that you will remember for a life time.

HELIPRO has a large pool of experienced pilots ensuring we have the depth of resources to reliably meet our customers’ requirements.

So no matter whether your need is to have exclusive use of a HELIPRO AW 109 as an executive helicopte or want to transport you golf clubs, mountain bikes and surf boards througout the Fijian Islands then HeliPro will be the helicopter of choice.

Airport and Resort Transfer Services

Inter resort and airport transfers can be arranged to meet your touring requirements within the Fijian Islands. Most of our top resorts and accommodation providers have heliport facilities either on the property or within close proximity. Our fleet is strategically located to allow us to service your requirements with a seamless service throughout Fiji.

Exclusive Resort Touring Packages

HELIPRO Fiji along with our specialised service partners offer a number of exclusive touring packages which encompass fishing, golf, extreme sports and secluded exotic locations.

No matter what your request HELIPRO Fiji can facilitate your every need.

Your options are limited only by your imagination

Executive and Tourism Charter Operation

HELIPRO helicopters are specifically chosen for their safety, precision-engineered power, high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, remarkable altitude performance, payload and speed.


So no matter whether you need a private flight for 2 or group outing for 9, then the HELIPRO twin engine executive helicopters will give you the best experience Fiji has to offer in style, safety and comfort.