Aero Medical Evacuation  &   Emergency Rescue

EMS Air Ambulance & Emergency Rescue Helicopter

EMS Medevac Jet 



HELIPRO FIJI operates throughout the Fiji Islands and South Pacific for international aero medical evacuations.

Helipro offers comprehensive aero medical evacuation & after care services including insurance & corporate compliance.

Our AW 109 Air Ambulance helicopter is specially set-up for level 1. trauma emergencies, fully medically equipped, dual controls allowing for 2 pilot operations if required, single pilot IFR (night flight capable) for private and corporate clients whose insurance requirement  or company directive list this criteria

Our range of ''EMERGENCY'' services includes:
  • Air Ambulance - Helicopter & Jet 
  • Flight Doctor - Nurse - Paramedic - EMT
  • Medical Escort Services
  • Marine & Land Search & Rescue 
  • Mountain Rescue  
  • Film Set Medical Standby Evacuation 
  • Medical staff transfers
  • Government & NGO -  disaster survey 
  • Aerial photography & Filming
  • Super Yacht Support 
  • Surveillance 


HELIPRO FIJI is committed to:

  • Operating a quality focused professional business with a nation-building philosophy
  • Providing specialist emergency rescue & air ambulance services 
  • Highly Skilled & experienced medical professionals for the best possible patient outcome 
  • Safe & professional helicopter operations specifically tailored to meet client requirements
  • ISO 9001  -   2008 quality standards