Tourism-VIP Charters - MedEvac-Commercial

                    Air Ambulance - Emergency Rescue



HELIPRO FIJI operates throughout the Fiji Islands flying our twin engined helicopters.

When time and money matters our AW 109  helicopters cruise at ''150 knots per hour'' with a maximum speed of 180 knots.

The fastest in helicopters in Fiji.

HELIPRO FIJI offers the most comprehensive commercial and tourism charter helicopter services.

Insurance & Corporate compliance.

The AW 109 helicopters are specially equipped with dual controls allowing for 2 pilot operations for corporate clients whose insurance requirement  or company directive list this criteria for helicopter flights.


Our range of ''Nation-Building'' commercial activities includes:
  • Air Ambulance -  Emergency Rescue Helicopter 
  • Tourism and airport-resort transfers
  • General construction heavy lifting works
  • Telecommunications- tower survey, equipment lifting and maintenance
  • Mining, gas & oil industries- research, survey, lifting, crew & staff transfers
  • Pickup and delivery from ships and barges
  • Power line survey and maintenance (both energised & de-energised)
  • Power pole & power transmission lines installation, lifting, crew & staff transfers
  • Marine research - survey, lifting, crew, staff & dignitaries transfers
  • Aerial  agriculture works
  • Medical & disaster emergency services & medical staff transfers
  • Salvage -Maritime Search & Rescue
  • Government- surveying disaster damage, staff transfers
  • Corporate charter services- equipment deliveries.
  • Aerial photography and filming
  • Super yacht supply & delivery services
  • VIP & dignitary transfers



HELIPRO FIJI is committed to:

  • Operating a quality focused professional business with a nation-building philosophy
  • Providing specialist helicopters complemented by highly trained personnel
  • ISO 9001 2008 quality standards
  • Providing safe & professional helicopter operations specifically tailored to meet a wide range of customer requirements