Aerial Crane

The helicopter is an infinitely versatile tool. HELIPRO Fiji have successfully utilised the lifting capabilities of the helicopter to provide cost effective aerial solutions.

As such, the environmental concerns and costs associated with roads, bridge building and restoration costs are negated.

These applications include: 

  • Mining support services
  • Power line construction and repairs
  • Precise placement of signage, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
  • Construction and airlifting materials to remote areas - telecommunication towers, repeater stations, power pylons
  • Airlifting concrete to inaccessible locations or offshore structures
  • Airlifting materials for the development of infrastructure in wilderness areas
  • Slip debris removal

HELIPRO FIJI has extensive experience in mining and electrical authority support services.

No matter if your application requires twin engine, 2 pilot operational helicopters or standard lifts of up to 1000 kg's, HELIPRO can cater to your every need.

Should you require helicopter services with lifting capacities of up to 9000kg, HELIPRO can acquire specialised aerial cranes that will suit your development program.

Our specialist lifting equipment includes

  • 0.5 cubic metre concrete skips
  • Bottom discharge gravel bins
  • Line stringing jennies
  • Up to 200 ft longlines with remote release hooks

Operations are fully supported with experienced load masters, ground crew, onsite refuelling and ground to air communications.

Note: Helicopter performance varies markedly with changes in temperature, altitude and the operation being undertaken. These figures should act as a guideline only.